PSG Financial, LLC is a financial services group, working with motivated clients of all demographics in the areas of estate/asset protection strategies, savings and wealth management.  Protection includes insurance analysis.  Savings is the philosophy of maintaining adequate savings to cover emergencies and opportunities.  Wealth management includes but is not limited to retirement planning, education funding and philanthropy.

We use a straight forward process to identify, strategize and work toward helping you achieve your financial goals.

Laura Crean and Dave Sauers are Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pros.

Dave Ramsey's Smart Vestor Pro is for investment services only.  Laura Crean and Dave Sauers have contracted with Dave Rasmey as a Smart Vestor Pro.  Dave Ramsey's endorsement does not extend to the financial planning or investment advisory services offered through Lincoln Financial Advisors.  Lincoln Financial Advisors is separate from and not affiliated with Dave Ramsey.  Smart Vestor Professionals pay a fee to be included in the network.